The building blocks of lasting, holistic, human performance

The 5 Pillars

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As we come into this world we have in most cases but one tool, uniting 5 ways to identify what is around us:

Our senses.
How we perceive and how we learn to understand what we experience determines the majority of our lives and.

It is what builds our cognition and intuition.

How we learn, get into contact with the outside world will always define how we interact with what is around us.

So learning how to learn, how to build better memory, sharpen senses, focus and methods to study and think is in essence what this pillar is providing.

In TCM this pillar is related to spring, wood and the sprouting and pressing of all energies.

The first contact after the long sleep and the freshest, the cleanest of impressions we get when approaching something completely new.



Then we learn to manage our body.

Build muscle, play, train, practice with all the exitement and joy but also difficulties that come with a yet unfinished system that is ever changing according to the challenges we face.

Movement- and kinesthetic intelligence, quick reflexes, rhythmicality, coordination and strength are only a few of the elements that we naturally or through deliberate training increase or diminish according to what we do with our body.

And so the second Pillar is related in Traditional Chinese Medicine to fire, summer and the full force of youth and physical activity.

A state of our development where we experience joy and full scale capacity of what our body can achieve in the right circumstances.



After we have depleted our body through physical interaction with our surrounding, trainings, practices, playing around invested the majority of our energies into growing more capabilities, our learnings need to be processed, the loss and investment replenished.


We naturally crave fuel to replenish what we have lost to keep on going and start searching for nourishment, liquids and foods that help us grow and repair damage in our body.
In this section we concern ourselves with what is providing these means, how much of, in what balance which nutrients, plants and animal products are providing us with the necessary information to build and re-build our body.

This pillar is related to earth and the calming stillness of late summer and harvest, when we are reaping the fruits of what we have sawn.

It is in this time of any project, day or our lives when we crave to replenish and enjoy what what we have worked for so hard.

Not respecting the natural desire of taking the rewards of all the efforts with lead to a deep rooted feeling of being unsatisfied with the outcome of what we have struggled with.



The fourth pillar is the mental growth that comes with reflection of success and failure of our experiences, trials and how we understand what beliefs we formed due to our experiences.

How to deal with fears, anxieties, deep rooted habits and the craving for purpose and a goal that is worth our efforts.

A very prominent element that we work with in this pillar is how to achieve lasting motivation for anything we want to achieve, as we bring to a close and draw the balance

of the costs of our work.

But not just motivation plays a big role whether we can mentally sustain our journey, but also our understanding of ourselves, our beliefs, values and what mindsets we employ do go forth and do what we deem important.

We find this pillar associated with autumn, metal in TCM, and the regress of all energies to draw a summary of what we have witnessed in our work, relationships and lives up to this point.
Failing to see the values in taking that step back and reflect truthfully will most certainly result in stagnation, waste of energy and overall defeat as we try to keep on pushing into futile directions.



Lastly we find ourselves in need of rest and recovering from wounds, processing and letting go of tension, the desire to lay down and take time to sleep and disconnect.

This pillar, although the last in line, also marks to be the hidden first of all the five pillars and teaches how to relax, integrate and recover all aspects of our system.
Rest is without a doubt, the most important element and defines clearly the outcome of any attempt, any trial and anything we like to achieve.

Failing this pillar throws even the most skilled, strongest and cleverest of athletes, ceos, teachers and parents onto their backs.

Even so, more than 95% of all people still fail to see the vitality of giving their system a rest and recovering from hardship as we cultivate the image of success being bound to overworking ourselves.

All informations gathered, all connections made, all achievements we have fought for will fail, if this last pillar is neglected and thus we go to sleep, integrate, process and recuperate.

Here we find ourselves in the cold and unmoving time of winter that is closely related to melancholy, curling up and taking that day of leisure so that the system can recover and prepare for new endeavors.

In TCM the natural necessity of reforming and integrating in silence and solitude, finds its beauty and tools in dreams, relaxation and creation of art, music and expression of emotions.


Through all aspects

Striving for the best way to improve my personal performance and later that of my clients and students, I have been studying traditional chinese medicine, Qi Gong, 5 element nutrition, even became a swiss certified chef early in my life, researched extensively on human performance technology and tools to improve said performance,

attained certifications in accredited western training systems like functional- and crosstraining,

Mobility training, Athletic endurance and strength training

and spent years to work out how to best use and integrate

both western and eastern recovery practices and proven methods to heal and recover

from various indigenous cultures.

I found that ultimately all of these knowledge bases have the interest of both internal and external harmony as their number one priority.

Balancing out the mind and the body on all levels so that optimum performance can be achieved.

The best of possible capacities.

The Question on how to attain such harmony for myself and to help others with theirs has founded the Idea of a pillar system that incorporates all of these aspects under one umbrella so to minimize clutter, simplify tools and approaches and make ancient traditions and proven methods as well as modern day western and eastern science available and manageable for everyone.



"If you can't explain it to a 11 year old, you did not understand the subject fully."

A. Einstein

I completely agree with this statement.

Therefore I am in constant study to even further improve and deepen my knowledge of the 5 - Pillars to continuously increase the simplicity, the authenticity and the effectiveness of my methods.

Connect with me or someone of my team if you feel you would benefit from a free assessment call to determine what plan of action, what objectives or simply what possibilities you have or would best support you.



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