Growth Retreat
>> Retreat and commit to your personal growth << 

3. - 11. 2021



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Check out what elements we work with


7 Full days of

◇ Fullbody Functional High Intensity Workouts

◇ Mindset and Focus Training

◇ Different Yoga Styles and Breathing Practices

◇ Fresh Local Food on a Vegetarian Basis

Regular Ticket

 >> Eur 1250.- <<

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Be part of a Unique Experience
and witness growth

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The Daily Shedule

◇ Starting each day with a Meditation of your own choosing ◇
your own practice

◇ Followed by an Individual warm-up ◇
The best moment to learn and observe how others get ready for their day

◇ Guided Own-Bodyweight Practice 

Working around Animal Locomotion, Parkour, Crossfitness Workouts and much more

◇ Wholehearted Breakfast 

Local Eggs, Fruits and Vegetables, Bread, Hummus and alot on top of that

◇ Break to rest and integrate 

Take some time off in between classes

◇ Ligaya Yoga 

Dive into different yoga styles and level up your Flexibility and even how to do Handstands


◇ Human-Dynamics and Flow 

Expand your physical and mental capacities in a flowlike practice and learn to own your comunication


◇ Guided Meditation 

Get to know Yoga-Nidra, Shamanic Journeys and different Dreamstates and alternated states of reality


◇ Lunch and time off 

Enjoy the full flavors of our mediteranian, indian and Asian Kitchen and eat as much as you like to then take your personal time off and rest

3. - 11. 2021

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