Training the Body to get actually stronger, bigger, better or simply faster is possible in a huge variety of ways.

I work with High Intensity Intervall Trainings, Own Body Weight workouts of different kinds as well as Weightlifting in order to grow muscle mass where needed.

I implement elements of Crossfit, Parkour, Calisthenics, Animal movements as well as heavyweights depending on the individual goal.



«To meditate means to focus on anything fully and absolutely.»

Popularly this is achieved with chanting mantras of any sort or breathing technics.

To understand the concept of focus and how to meditate, one is to experience the flow that comes when we are diving into any action to one hundred percent.


If I cook my dinner and forget everything around me, totally engaged with prepping the food in front of me the best way I can, I am meditating.


If I massage somebody and I am feeling every muscle, tendon and knot within the others body, being entirely absorbed with what I can do for this Being laying bare before me, I am meditating.


If I am training and getting exited, being fully focused on the movements and feelings in my body, I am meditating.


While coaching someone I always implement some sort of meditation, where the person is to meditate with an observation of the breath, energy centers in the body, meridians or focusing on specific goals he or she wants to achieve so as to more effectively manifest them.



I am originally a chef by trade. I have always loved different foods, how to prepare them and what they do within our body.

Therefore I first break down the basics and later on the specifics for my clients in order to get them as healthy, as lean and as strong as possible with nutrition plans, programs and calculations. I understand the human body as a holistic, living organism. Depending on how I treat it, nurture it and give it what it needs, it will grow.



May it be long term coaching, one session to get you started, or preparations for major events like competitions, runs or vacations – I will get you there.