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Learning is a Superpower if we know how!

The human brain can adapt  to almost any circumstances and to this day, numerous studies have shown that the smartest people, the most disciplined of athletes and the most successfull entrepreneurs on this planet had to go through incredible hardship and adapt to the hardest of environments in order to become who they are today.

Choose who you want to become and take action!


Every success is built upon habits

The PLatform supports you!


Specific trainings & programs designed to help become the best 'You' possible!

◇ Fullbody functional high intensity workouts

◇ Mindset coaching and focus training

◇ Solid Foundation on recovery and breathwork Practices

◇ Years of experience in nutrition, fitness, martial arts and coaching, 

◇ Renown 5 pillar performance coaching

Full Access to the Toa Toa plattform, community and evergrowing library of content to support your growth



 Having hosted literally thousands of CLasses, workshops and now retreats, I know exactly how it feels to have that lack of clarity!

Your choice to become the better you is the only thing missing to create the future you deserve! 

WHat do others have to say?

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Individual Coaching tailored to your needs

◇ Clarifying weekly video calls
To build the routines and habits for lasting results

Premium Feature


◇ Doable and clearly scheduled trainings & tasks
Having a unmistakable overview

and knowing the next move is the first Principle to success

Premium Feature

◇ Guided mindfulness meditations for focus and awareness 

To regain a calm sense of clarity and purpose

Basic Feature


◇ Hours of relaxing recovery routines

After a big investment, hard days and creating quality work

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◇ A whole library of trainings & everchanging Workouts

Physical Fitness designed to support and build a body that is reliable

in your Favorite movements

Basic Feature

◇ Building foundational and flawless nutritional behaviorpatterns

To support your body with good,

clean food Instead of forced cutbacks or hammer-diets

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◇ Realtime video analysis of your daily action

Your perfomance in my focus to correct and clarify

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Start today
and transform your past

into your future!


Free Contribution to support you!

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Short Meditation

To Counter any Stressful Situation!


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CEline De Grenus
~Graphic designer~

"Thank you for your effort to do these great workouts which keep me motivated, energized and feeling good during these special times!
I highly appreciate
your work!

the only thing we can truly control is the here and now!

Stop living in a life where you only react to your daily worries

and hope for a good outcome of uncertain situations!

Take action now, become a member of our community and grow beyond your expectations.


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