Tattoo Care

Please read carefully as every part is vital

You found this page because you had a tattoo done and need to know a few
things about how to treat it so it stays as colorful and clean as possible

Why tattoo care?

You want to

keep as much color in your skin as possible

and the shape of your new tattoo as clear as you can, yess?

You want to

keep your body as clean and healthy

although you just injected pigments into it, right?

This is why you should read and understand that:

UV - Light (Sunlight & Sunbeds) is bleaching pigments and changing them, accelerating the decay if not integrated into the skin.

The hotter your body becomes the more it is speeding up the metabolism (Regeneration, cleansing etc.).

This will result in loss of pigments (Fading of colour and sharpness of contours of the tattoo) as they are yet to be assimilated into the skin.

Sweat is a cooling- but also a cleansing mechanism of your body.
It helps to clear your skin of invasive elements.
In excess sweat is helping to remove alien organisms and particles.

Friction of any sort will result in the biggest damage possible to your tattoo as it removes the protective layer produced by the skin that will help heal the wound and integrate the pigments into the skin.

The dryer your skin becomes, the more scar tissue will be produced that will result in blur of shapes and loss of colour intensity.

As a result of dryness your skin reacts with a hard crusty like layer that helps again to pull out all foreign elements not bellowing to your skin, hence all pigments used to create your tattoo.

That being said it makes much sense to keep your skin moist, out in clean air, exposed to as little sunlight and friction as possible and of course away from all dirt, pollution.

After you feel the first itch on your skin (usually around 5-8 days) it is also safe to workout in a moderate ways.

Immediate Care

If applied, remove any bandage after 1 hour, waiting no longer than 12 hours.

Wash your hands prior to removing bandage(s).

Immediately wash tattoo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.

Some body artists will recommend using a saline solution or a mild unscented liquid soap.

Repeat until tattoo is no longer slimy or glazed.

DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH  - Washcloths may harbour bacteria that can cause skin infections.

Pat or dab (do not rub) the tattoo with a piece of paper and allow to air dry for at some minutes.

Apply a very thin veil of ointment (ideally with antiseptic component) as provided by your artist.

Repeat washing daily and apply ointment whenever the tattoo feels dry (for at least 14 days).

By this time the tattoo should be healed.

As the tattoo heals, it will peel like a sunburn.

Do keep your tattoo moist and out of sunlight.


Daily Care

Always wash your hands with liquid soap and warm water prior to touching your tattoo.


Always keep the tattoo free from grease, chemicals, general dirt, or exposure to biohazards (such as uncooked meats).

If the tattoo becomes soiled (dirt - Particles in water or from anywhere else), wash it with soap and warm water and air dry it.


Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight for at least 4 weeks.


Do not use tanning beds for at least 4 weeks.


Do not cover or isolate your tattoo from natural air flow with any foil or wrapping as this can keep bacteria close to the wound.

Do not soak tattoo in water (avoid bathing for 2 weeks; avoid public swimming pools and hot tubs for 4 weeks).


Do not allow shampoo or rinse/conditioner to come into contact with your tattoo.


Do not pick or scratch new tattoos.

Intense sweating has the same effect on new tattoos as soaking in water.

If you work out (especially cardiovascular or aerobic), take some time off.


Wear loose clothing that can allow your healing tattoo to breathe and minimize friction.


After 4 weeks, direct sunlight wont do as much harm to your tattoo anymore

but still do apply sun block to the tattoo if it is to be exposed to the sun.


Signs of Infection:

If you observe these signs on your skin, please contact a doctor immediately:

Swelling and redness that increases around the tattoo.

A severe burning and throbbing sensation around the tattoo o Increased tenderness and increasingly painful to touch or any unusual discharge/pus (yellow or green) with an offensive smell.

Please note that it can be that the initial reaction to a tattoo can be some light reddish swelling but that should go away within the first day.

I am happy you have got your new tattoo done and hope you will enjoy the memorys, what it stands for or simply its presence on your body for as many years as possible!

All the best to you and if you have furtherquestions dont hesitate to reach out!

My best regards