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«do and grow, but be.»

Aleks Zaric-Montañés

toa toa lifestyle

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«Your Body is your home!
Build it up clean and strong!»



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As a Swiss Certified successful functional Trainer and Mental Coach, Renato Montañés teaches, trains and helps People like you and I in Workshops, Seminars, weekly Courses and 1 on 1 Trainings remotely as well as locally to get closer to their full potential!


With TOA TOA Renato has now created a very intimate concept to unite and align body and mind.


«Every aspect of a human being can be trained and our capacity to learn is limited only by our mind!

Yet Passion has to be the Foundation of every Journey!

Contact me and together we will find out how to support you best on your path!»


Thank you for showing me the strength not only physically, but also mentally. You have shown me that I am more than what others may think of me & that I can rise above any obstacles on my path!

Marina Castiello

This was the most fruitful year of my life in the sense of personal growth and it was mostly thanks to you. I managed to completely change my mindset on how to approach my day, I picked up many new hobbies and routines and feel much more confident, energetic and generally happy, and it was all because you showed me this route and convinced me to walk on this path.

Mahdi Nasserzadeh

Thank you for your effort to do these great workouts which keep me motivated, energized and feeling good during these special times!
I highly appreciate your work!




For bookings and to get in touch with me use this form. Please mention the topic from the TOA TOA LIFESTYLE you need support with.

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